“Machine Learning and AI is the “buzz” – but many are still really stuck in Self-service BI” 

The well attended Beslutsstödsdagen/Data Drives Business of January 2018, took place after a couple of years, when so called “no-asset” companies, like Airbnb and Uber, were seen and often publicised as a new type of market leader. Thanks to simply harnessing data, not actually owning hotels or taxis.

But that is old news now.

It’s now time to take a deeper dive into technologies like Machine learning and AI, and ask how Machine learning, will actually impact the BI or data analyst. It is no secret that AI and Machine learning, are a complete game changer, for how we interact with analytics and data management.

Like our 2019 keynote speaker at Beslutsstödsdagen, Anders Borg, is happy to say:

Electrification, the car, the computer and internet. AI has the potential to be an equally big technological shift.

But how? And how is it going to affect the way, that you do your everyday work?

Next stop: what is actually happening, in the world of Data Governance?

Almost everyone agrees that IT’s role in analytics, has evolved from producer to enabler. And therefore IT should empower the business, to have a greater stake in Governance. But if Governance should be more and more crowd sourced – how to go about it?

And finally: the one thing that struck me, when talking to many of our delegates some time after last year’s event, is the

rough road that Self-service BI is still riding. One of our delegates, Ulrika Kula from Transportstyrelsen (The Swedish Board of Transport), said to me recently:

“Our problem with Self-service, is giving the organisation access to data, that can actually be understood…”


See you at Münchenbryggeriet in January!

Robert Okpu, Editorial director