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Data Drives Business – is the most established and recognized business platform in Scandinavia when it comes to Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. Gathering up to 200 high end executives within the industry. It has been running successfully for the past 16 years.


Business Intelligence is always changing. According to the current trend it is viable to say that Data quality/master data management, data discovery/visualization and self-service BI are the three topics BI practitioners identify as the most important trends in their work. Having said that, handling some already established technologies are still top the agenda of many organisations. For example, the implementation of Self-service BI, has proven to be a huge challenge for many organisations, and still is today.  


The aim of the event is very simple. To gather the most knowledgeable speakers of the industry and leading players under one roof who shares the same vision.


Data Drives Business – will every year be presenting case studies and roundtable moderations that delve into the latest trends, and the dynamics behind them. Thus enabling both classroom-style and “Master Class”-type learning, and interactive participation including structured networking.


Our goal/ benefit is not only to create a successful commercial project but also to unify the industry on the importance of improving big data analytics. We are on an educational mission that will generate a cross-industry B2B cooperation. and biz opportunities for all.


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