Sara Mundt-Petersen

Sara Mundt-Petersen
  • Head of Customer Growth & Loyalty, Telia

Sara Mundt-Petersen, Head of Customer Growth & Loyalty, Telia.
As Head of Customer Growth and Loyalty, Sara is part of the Consumer board. Her team is focusing on CRM Growth and Go to Market as “one Telia” in an innovative approach and modern methods.
Saras team at Telia creates growth and innovation by understand existing customer needs and future possibilities, match it with next best action and trough new businesses, innovations, partners or services.
Sara believes that besides creating growth and innovation, it is important to create a more modern way of attracting new customers and develop the base.
Therefore, it is extremely important to build excellent capabilities in digital, data driven and new way of being relevant.
She loves to work with people and companies, that strive to grow. Where she can “contribute with her enthusiasm and collective knowledge”.
Since she has a background in the digital/mobile space, she wants to work with companies, that understand how important it is with all the digital touch points. Companies that are offering something that is important in people’s lives and always think of what’s best for the customer in the first place!

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